Private Joker Vietnam Action Figure.

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Display this action figure and show your War Face to pay homage to the Vietnam Veterans.

For sale during the months of October and November is the 2023 version of our “Goon Squad” action figures…Private Joker.

Uniquely inspired by Full Metal Jacket and the Clown Prince of Napalm, the figure comes with an M1 helmet and M16 rifle.

For this particular figure, we are donating 25% of the profit to the Gary Sinise Foundation.  Go to to learn more.

The figure is 1/18th scale mounted on a 6”x9” card backer.  All figures are customized, so variances will occur in paint, gear and rifle style. Minor blemishes might be noticeable.  Figures are meant to be a display piece and not taken out of package.

Please allow 1 week for customization before shipping.