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Shawn Ryan - Navy SEAL & CIA Contractor

Shawn Ryan enlisted in the Navy at the age of 18 and served for 14 years with multiple combat missions and CIA clandestine operations.   During his time as a SEAL, Shawn served with Teams 2 and 8, completing 20 deployments into combat zones.    He is the founder of Vigilance Elite and the creator and host of the hit podcast “The Shawn Ryan Show.”  Shawn developed the series to document the untold stories of war, loss, and redemption from the men and women who lived them. 

Ryan expanded the mission of the series to directly assist and coach veterans on how to apply their skill-sets to the civilian sector. Now, The Shawn Ryan Show has grown into a pipeline for veterans transitioning from service to entrepreneurship, raising over 1 million via crowdfunding to support these causes. The program is now widening scope to explore topics and guests in society, culture, and current events.

Shawn Ryan is a proud member of Veteran Advocacy Services, a group that assists members of the armed forces in navigating the complexities of the VA. Ryan is also a strong proponent of psychedelic research for the mental health & TBI treatment of the veteran community.



Art Print is on 80lb glossy poster paper.