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Mike Ritland retired Navy SEAL

Mike Ritland is a K9 trainer, Founder of Trikos International and Warrior Dog Foundation, best selling author and host of the Mike Drop podcast on YouTube.

Mike is the Stephen Ambrose for this generation’s military veterans. He is capturing stories through one on one interviews with other veterans that are absolutely vital they get passed on.  He does an excellent job at asking questions and deciphering acronyms that make it easier for civilians to understand.  His demeanor makes him one of the beat at conducting veteran interviews.  

Being a former Navy SEAL himself, he understands  where to tread lightly and which questions to dig into a little more.  His approach makes the interviews absolutely fascinating.

If it wasn’t for Mike, many of these stories would be lost. Being able to archive what our current veterans have seen and experienced, will someday be appreciated by their future generations.


Mike Ritland is part of the Wave 2 release.

Art Print is on an 80lb glossy poster paper.