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Chief Eddie Gallagher is a retired Navy SEAL who was deployed eight times overseas.  He was trained as a medic, a sniper, and an explosives expert. He was the first non-Marine to graduate from the U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper School

During his service, he was decorated for valor several times, including two Bronze Stars. He received positive evaluations from his superiors within the SEALs, and served as an instructor in the SEALs BUD/S program for recruits

Since retiring, Eddie Gallagher and his wife, Andrea have started a non-profit organization.  Called The Pipe Hitter Foundation, which is committed to defending the rights and freedoms of our men and women in uniform -- the same rights and freedoms they risk their lives to uphold. 

Additionally, Eddie and Andrea have written a book titled The Man in the Arena: From Fighting Isis to Fighting for My Freedom


Eddie is part of the inaugural Wave 1 release.

Art Print is on an 80lb glossy poster paper.