Jarred "JT" Taylor Patriot Force Action Figure (Wave 4)

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Jarred "JT" Taylor - Air Force TACP

Jarred Taylor joined the Air Force in 2002.  JT tried out for and was selected to be part of the Air Force Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), which is the air support function of the Army and the person who coordinates air strikes.

When JT re-enlisted, he became an instructor at the TACP schoolhouse. He spent most of his signing bonus on camera equipment and an editing suite.  He used this as a stepping stone and began heading down the road of filmmaking in his spare time.

After leaving the service, JT co-founded Article 15 clothing company with former Army Ranger, Mat Best.  Which led to many things, including partnering with another veteran owned company to make the movie, Range 15.  They were able to get actors Keith David, William Shatner, and Danny Trejo to participate in it.

In 2014, JT and Mat began a partnership with former Green Beret Evan Hafer to include his Dark Roasted Freedom coffee on the Article 15 website.  The coffee sold so well, that eventually Black Rifle Coffee Company was formed.  Today, the company is publicly traded on the stock market.  JT continues to work tirelessly behind the scenes making the company's movies as he helps the brand grow.


The goal of the Patriot Force is to give back to non-profit veteran organizations by creating and selling action figures of real American veterans and Presidents.  Every figure is custom painted/molded by a 15 year old who has taken an interest in the military.  25% of the profit from every veteran figure sold is donated.

The figure is 3.75” on a 6”x9” card backer.  All figures are customized, so variances will occur in paint, gear and rifle style. Minor blemishes might be noticeable.  Figures are meant to be a display piece and not taken out of package.

Jarred is part of the Wave 4 release.  We also have the Limited Edition where (only 50 will ever be made) releasing soon.

25% of the profit is donated to VETS.

VETS was created three decades ago to serve all veterans. VETS offers a wide variety of services for all veterans. Their special focus is to support and provide resources for veterans in business or those who want to be involved as founders and leaders in for-profit commerce.  To learn more, please visit Vets.org.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production as each figure is custom made per order.