Dakota Meyer Patriot Force Action Figure (Wave 2)

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Dakota Meyer served in the United States Marine Corps, enlisting in 2006 he was deployed as a Marine Scout Sniper to Iraq.

On September 8, 2009, disregarding orders when he learned several of his brothers were missing after getting ambushed, Dakota made multiple trips under enemy fire to bring them back to safety. With a complete disregard for his well being, Meyer was able to evacuate "12 friendly wounded and provided cover for another 24 Marines and soldiers to escape likely death at the hands of a numerically superior and determined foe." For actions on this day, Dakota Meyer received the Medal of Honor.

Today, Dakota is doing his best to live a purpose filled life, worthy of those who paid sacrifices. He is the President of Flipside Canvas and is helping others to "Own the Dash."

The goal of the Patriot Force is to give back to non-profit veteran organizations by creating and selling action figures of real American veterans and Presidents.  Every figure is custom painted/molded by a 15 year old who has taken an interest in the military.  25% of the profit from every veteran figure sold is donated.

The figure is 3.75” on a 6”x9” card backer.  All figures are customized, so variances will occur in paint, gear and rifle style. Minor blemishes might be noticeable.  Figures are meant to be a display piece and not taken out of package.

Dakota Meyer is part of the Wave 2 release.  The Medal of Honor edition is limited to 50 each.  All 50 are numbered and initialed on the back by the Patriot Force owners.

25% of the profit is donated to the Austin Firefighters Fund.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production as each figure is custom made per order.